Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jing & Jane CoffeeBread

C+C means Creativity + Charity 。C+C 就是「一個創意一個善念,善待地球源自愛心。」

Jing& Jane CoffeeBread 於2011年10月29-30號(六、日) 將參與 C+C 創意手工市集,在The 19 USJ City Mall 擺攤賣手工咖啡+手工麵包。

Jing& Jane CoffeeBread  will serve healthy hand made bread and handmade coffee , Only on 29-30 (Sat ,Sun ) Oct 2011 at The 19 USJ City Mall .

請大家在日曆上圈起來,記下:去喝阿Jane 咖啡及吃阿Jing 麵包....
Pls mark it in your Calendar .



We are providing healthy hand made bread and handmade coffee. Paper bags, straws and paper cups will be provided by us.Since we love our Earth, we do hope you could bring your own cups or containers, do a favor for our planet while enjoying good food.

Thank You !


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好的~~ 謝謝支持~~ :)